About Me

Hi there, fit like?

My name is Annie and I’m 21 years old. I live in the centre of the beautiful, iconic city of Edinburgh, where I study business at university. I was born and brought up in the north-east of Scotland in the town of Inverurie, oh and my mum is a Shetlander, which makes me half islander. (lets just say I’m used to the extreme cold, wind and snow).  I have a LOT of links around Scotland, which is probably why I love the country so much. And enough of the boring ‘about me’ formalities..


Describe yourself in 5 words you say?

Let me see.. small, smiley, sincere, sarcastic and Scottish! Hey look at that I managed to make them all begin with S!

What does ‘peerieannie’ mean?

peerie = small in Shetland dialect ( I’m 5ft 2in)

annie = well.. that’s meee!

peerieannie = little me! With half my family coming from Shetland, growing up I was referred to as ‘peerie Annie’ and well all these years later, it’s stuck!

What do my blogs consist of?

So, my blog really consists of a mix of everything! From lifestyle, to travel, lists of my favourites, meal plans and foods, a little bit of beauty and fitness, and of course.. a whole heap of Scotland!

I hope you all find something on my blog that you can, maybe relate to, or generally just enjoy reading. Please have as much fun exploring my blog as I have had making it, and come back for another visit soon!

Twitter | @peerieannie

Instagram | @peerieannie

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Email | peerieannie@hotmail.com


With love, fae,


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