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If you’ve never been to Aberdeenshire, you’re missing out on some amazing sights and walks. From the magnificent Cairngorm Mountain range, to the fishing ports on the North-east coast, Aberdeenshire has a little bit of everything. Especially history. If you’re interested in history and love exploring castles, then Aberdeenshire is definitely the place to visit, because there is more than sixty! Check them all out here!

Anyhow, let me take you back to the week in between Christmas and New Year. My whole family has eaten too much on Christmas day (as per) and continued to eat leftovers for the next few days, so decided we needed to go out for a little walk. By that point I think we all needed fresh air and a stroll. So we got on our hiking boots (or wellies in my case) and took a trip to Castle Fraser Estate.

Castle Fraser Estate is located near Kemnay in Aberdeenshire, you can go there to either visit the castle (when it’s open) or you can visit the grounds and gardens (all year round). We just went up that day for the walks in the grounds, but I highly recommend visiting the castle when it’s open. I’ve been to the castle several times, and even had the privilege of performing in the great hall, and I have to say it is a gorgeous castle, full of truly amazing history!

Back to the grounds.. there are two different trails to follow around Castle Fraser Estate – the Miss Bristow’s Trail & the Alton Brae Trail. We decided to walk both of them, starting with the Alton Brae trail, then leading onto the Miss Bristow’s Trail and finally ending up in the castle grounds. I can’t praise these trails enough, even though we had a copy of the map, the signage was great, which is something I always find a problem with on a map, not enough signs to show you where to go, but at Castle Fraser the signage was so great you could do the walks without a map. Also going round the walks, the paths were tidy and well kept (litter is a pet hate of mine). There are also so many great things to see from monuments to wells to ponds and even some wildlife.

Below are some pictures I took whilst on the walk, please enjoy, and also if you are thinking about taking a walk around Castle Fraser Estate here is a link to the maps. I would definitely recommend you give it a go if you are ever in the area!

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Have you visited Castle Fraser or any other castle in Aberdeenshire, leave a comment below and let me know!

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