how to make getting up for work after a holiday easier

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We all know it’s hard to think about work after being on holiday, no matter how much you love your job! Late nights, long lies, lazy days, our bodies lose their natural clock when we are on holiday, and sometimes it can be one hell of a job to get it back!

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Here are some useful tips on how to make those early starts a little less painful.

  1. Lay out your work clothes, bags and other essentials that you need with you for the day the night before. We’ve all been in that sleepy trance first thing in the morning when you put your top on back to front and grab the first pair of socks you can find (which are often odd). Why go through all this bother, when you could have it organised and laid out for you already? This will help you start your day with more ease, give your brain time to wake up and avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!
  2. Go to bed at a reasonable time the night before. Even if you can’t sleep straight away because your body isn’t in that cycle, it’s better to at least be lying down, in a calm, quiet environment and let your mind and body relax. Also try to avoid electrical appliances, even though they have night modes, they are still wiring you up, and keeping you awake.
  3. Set alarms. Some people can wake up with one alarm, others have to set about twenty before they even think about moving. Personally, I need one at least half an hour before I’m supposed to be awake, so that my body can gradually wake itself up, then another when I’m supposed to be up, meaning by that time, my body is awake and I can get up straight away.
  4. Have breakfast prepped. Like the clothes it’s handy to have breakfast sitting waiting for you, lay out a bowl or plate the night before, so that your ready to just get the food on the plate straight away, and eat it without too much thought. I would also recommend having a bottle of water by your bed, so that you can drink it as soon as you wake up, helping to hydrate and wake both your mind and body.
  5. Finally, try to avoid procrastinating, or dithering as I like to call it. I’ve been known in the past to have a shower then get back into bed in my towel and either sit on my phone or fall asleep. This just wastes time, get everything done, then if you still have time you can have a little seat before you leave. Sitting around leads to a mad rush to get everything done before getting to work, leaving you in a state of exhausted panic and from my personal experience, your appearance may not be up to the.. ehh, usual standards.

I wish you all the best at getting up for work, and hope these top tips help to make the transaction back into work as easy as possible!

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