new year, and a new me?

Hi there, fit like?

So 2016 is finally coming to an end, it’s been a tough old year for most of the world, with the loss of many beloved talents and celebrities, Trump becoming President-elect of the United States & of course Brexit – Britain has voted to leave the EU. These are just some of the stories that have shocked the world this year – but some good has also happened, check out this list – (see it wasn’t all bad!) Still, we can but hope that 2017 will be a better year all round!

I hear the phrase – ‘New Year, New Me’ flying around a lot, and frankly I’ve never really liked it. Just because it’s the beginning of a New Year, why should that mean you change your habits then? Why can’t you just change them whenever you feel ready to?

This year seems to be different for me though – 2016 wasn’t the crappest year for me personally – but it did put some perspective onto how I live my life. Life is short – we’ve learned that from this year, so I’ve decided it’s time to organise my life, get into a routine, look after my body and work my ass off.

I’ve given myself goals to keep in 2017 – and boy am I determined to stick to them! It’s apparently time for a new year and a new me!


  1. Make good use of a Bullet Journal. (this will be the first time I’ve done one, so I’m quite excited about it – this is the one I bought LEUCHTTURM1917)
  2. Blog at least 3+ times a week.
  3. Make better use of scheduling platforms for social media.
  4. Interact more through social media platforms.
  5. Follow a Money Budget to a tee. (I reaaaally need to save some dolla)
  6. Exercise at least 4 times a week. (I’ve written myself up some training schedules that I know I’ll stick to)
  7. Stick to a skincare routine & DEFO don’t fall asleep with make-up still on!!!
  8. Make a start of all university work early – to avoid last minute rush! (don’t need that sort of negativity)
  9. Keep flat as tidy and clean as possible – clean environment makes for less stress!
  10. Weekdays – up by 6am, asleep by 10pm.
  11. Weekends – up by 8am, asleep by 11pm. (with the exception of nights out)
  12. Prepare meals plans in advance – no processed foods at all. Clean eating.
  13. Listen to other people more and stop talking about oneself. (not my worst habit – but since I can talk for Britain, I know it can sometimes get a little irritating)
  14. Smile more, and generally enjoy life – because it only happens once!

I have the determination this year to stick to these goals – so here’s hoping that when I review them at the end of the year, I can be proud of what I have achieved throughout 2017.

What are your new years resolutions? Leave a comment below!

With love, fae,


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