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I’ve bought sooo many candles already this festive period! I just love curling up on the sofa, watch festive films, drinking a nice hot cuppa with some seriously amazing smelling candles burning. This year I tried to stick more to the theme of spices, because I didn’t want the flat to smell of a tonne of different smells, and for it to actually start smelling weird ( I’ve done this in the past).

My favourite candles this year, are.. of course Yankee Candles, but also Next’s Candles & Linea’s Candles. Here’s a few of my absolute favourites.


Yankee Candles

I could spend a fortune on Yankee Candles, they all just smell sooo dang good. I did have a bit of dilemma in the shop as to which candle I should get in the big glass, and after some deliberating I went with the Red Apple Wreath – it smells good enough to eat. I’ve also got some smaller candles in different scents, one of which is the Cinnamon Sticks – this is my all time favourite candle – like ever.


Next Candles

I love the Next Christmas Candle range this year. They have a large variety of candles in such great smelling scents. I’m already half way through my big next Mulled Wine scented candle, and it makes your room smell amazing, genuinely amazing. I’ve also bought their Festive Spice tealights – I have a lot of tea light holders, and instead of just having standard old vanilla in them, I thought I’d fill them all with a Christmas smell. I’m not even joking, people walking into our flat are going to be hit by the smell of Christmas Spice as soon as they step over the threshold haha!


Linea Candles

I was in Jenners the department store in Edinburgh the other day, mainly because I love going in to see their Christmas decorations and that massive ass tree that they stick in the middle – like seriously HOW?! How to they get that crazily big Christmas tree in there? I’ve always reckoned the roof must come off or something! Anyway, off topic – I was in Jenners and they whole Linea Home section was full of beautiful Christmas ornaments, decorations and of course candles. So I couldn’t resist and bought all three of the scents! There is White Christmas (smells quite fresh, a lineny – it’s really nice), Winter Berries (self explanatory – smells like berries!) & the last one is Cinnamon & Ginger (I like this, it’s quite subtle of both scents, making it quite sweet). The jars for these candles are also all very cute, with different festive patterns!


So there you have it, my Christmas candle collection for 2016. I do have other candles, but these are definitely my favourite! I’ve linked to all the candles, so if you fancy grabbing yourself one, I would definitely recommend them!

What candles are you burning this Christmas? Leave a comment below and let me know!

With love, & merry blogmas, fae,


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