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I LOVE travelling. Getting to witness amazing sights, meet new people and experience different cultures, really what’s not to love? Over the years and mainly thanks to my parents, I have managed to tick quite a few places off my ‘travel bucket list’, Iceland, Copenhagen, Paris, Niagara Falls, St Tropez,  just to name a few.

I’ve set myself a goal that in the next 10 years, I have to have visited all the places below.

1. Australia & New Zealand


I won’t lie to you, my love for Australia has stemmed over the years from watching the soap Neighbours for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to explore as much of the west coast as possible from the top of Queensland right down to the home of Neighbours itself Melbourne. If I do a tour of Australia, I can’t forget New Zealand with its beautiful coastlines, mountains, and forests to explore! My plan is to take a good few weeks and explore as much of Australasia as possible, hopefully getting to visit some family whilst I’m out there!

2. Norwegian Fjords


My work colleague recently returned from a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords, and oh my the photos were amazing! I think a cruise is a great way to do this, so that you can see the fjords from both the water and from the land. I absolutely love the look of the towering hills, the cute wee quiet Scandinavian villages and the tranquillity of the water that you see in the pictures. It is definitely one I want to witness for myself!

3. California


California. Home of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. (haha, my current favourite band) Ever since I was little California has been  a dream of mine. I wanted to see the Hollywood sign, check out the mansions in Beverley Hills, walk along the Malibu beaches and take a trek in one of the many great canyons. California has been sung about, talked about, and filmed in so many ways, that make you want to visit the great state for yourself.

4. The Maldives


I mean you just have to see a picture of the Maldives and you already wish you were there with an ice cold mojito in your hand. One day I will stay in one of those over water spa retreats, where you are pretty much staying perched above a great lagoon. I mean imagine relaxing outside one of those, on a beautifully hot, sunny day with endless drinks, and a massage whenever you need it. Does that not sound like relaxation or what?

5. Malta


Malta has always had a special meaning to me, it was where my parents went on their both their one-year and silver wedding anniversaries, and it was also one of my Aald Daa’s (Shetland dialect for Grandfather) favourite places. I would love to one day take a visit and see the beauty of Malta that my family before me have seen and experience what I have only seen in photographs.

6. New York City

new york

I can technically say I’ve been to New York, because I’ve been to the state but never the city. I mean it’s iconic isn’t it, it’s one of the main cities people talk about. One day I will stand outside Tiffany’s eating a pastry and drinking a coffee for breakfast, just like Audrey Hepburn, I will have lunch in the Empire State building and finish of by dining in Madison Park. Okay it’s maybe a bit extravagant, but a girl can dream can’t she?

7. Canada


So I have actually been to Canada, I spent a fantastic family holiday staying in Niagara-on-the-lake, visiting the spectacular Niagara Falls and also spending a couple of days in Toronto. And I have to say it’s up there in the top 3 best holidays of my life to date. I loved it so much that I want to explore more of Canada, like British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia. There is so much to see, and so many different types of sights, from the Canadian Rockies to the beaches and everything in between.

So there you have it, those are the current locations on my ‘travel bucket list’. Here’s hoping I can manage to fit it all in, within 10 years!


What’s on your travel bucket list? Leave a comment and let me know!

With love, fae,


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