how to quit sugar

how to quit sugar

Hi there, fit like?

Want to feel healthier, fitter and generally happier? Then I highly recommend quitting sugar! I quit sugar about 5 months ago, and I have to say it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s not by any means easy, in fact they say sugar can be as addictive as cocaine,  which is actually really scary when you put it that way! Anyway here’s my quitting sugar journey, I hope it helps any of you out there thinking about taking the leap and getting rid of the white stuff!

Pre- I Quit Sugar

I used to eat what I thought was healthily, a diet containing lots of fresh fruit and veg, home cooked meals, lots of oily fish, a suitable amount of dairy, potatoes, chips, crisps, chocolates, sweeties, pudding (dessert for all you non Scots), cake, biscuits… and you can see where the problem was. I thought I was eating in moderation, but my ‘idea’ of moderation was one bit of chocolate then a whole packed of chocolate digestives.

Moving to university didn’t help this ‘healthy’ diet I thought I had. Having the freedom to buy ALL of your food yourself led to pasta sauces from a jar, sweet, sickly puddings after dinner every night and as much snacks as I wanted. It took to seeing a picture of myself looking on the chubby side before I realised I needed to sort out what I was putting into my body. It was my mum actually who found Sarah’s books in the first place, and lets just say neither of us have looked back since!

8 Week Detox


So I took the leap and decided to follow Sarah Wilson’s – I Quit Sugar, 8 week detox plan. The way Sarah has devised the 8 weeks actually makes quitting sugar soooo much easier, so Sarah – thank you for that! Can I also point out, as Sarah outlines in her book, it isn’t so much sugar that you give up, it’s fructose. Fructose is the enemy.

I can’t deny I actually didn’t struggle all that much with going ‘cold turkey’. In the first three weeks, I had a few days where at around 3pm, when I would normally go for a sugar kick, I got such a bad headache. There was also a few days where I just felt a bit groggy, but overall the experience didn’t affect me too much. I can’t say I craved that much either, I work in an office where there is constantly treats going round, but I found it easy to turn around and say ‘no, thank you’.

I think over the whole 8 weeks I had two slip ups. The first I was sitting in an Italian restaurant and I devoured  a very large pizza with so many toppings, then finished the meal with a tiramisu (my one MAJOR downfall). The second, was a night out, I had started on gin & soda, which then as the night progressed turned into, jagerbombs, vodka & cokes.. and you can guess the rest. I woke up the next morning with not just a hangover but a sugar hangover.

Post- I Quit Sugar

I am now 19 weeks sugar free and feel great! I’ve lost a stone and a quarter.. which I didn’t actually know I had on me, I have so much more energy and I generally just feel healthier. I cook all my meals from scratch and have even had a bash at trying my own recipes. It has honestly given me a new love for the kitchen and cooking. Sarah’s recipe books are all filled with delicious, easy and healthy recipes, and I totally recommend that you all buy them and give quitting sugar a go.

Like everyone else, I do fall off the wagon sometimes, I mentioned before tiramisu, I can’t help it, the stuff is like heaven to me! The difference is I now see it as a treat, something I have occasionally, not something I eat every night. There have been numerous other times, but I don’t let it get me down, I just see tomorrow as a new day and focus on how far I’ve come (and eat a TONNE of veg the next day, always helps with the guilt).


So that’s a brief outline of my quitting sugar journey. If any of you out there are thinking about quitting the white stuff for good, I definitely recommend you give Sarah’s book and detox plan a go, everything from the way she writes the books, to the I Quit Sugar social media is so inspiring and motivating.

If you have any questions about my journey, don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.


With love, fae,


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